Youth Conference - Haiti

Church Participation:

This project began in 2018,  being the first event of its kind. We extend an invitation to all local churches within the Port au Prince area to send their young people to this conference as an investment in their spiritual growth and maturity. Currently, there are approximately 15 churches who participate in sending some of their young people.

Response from the attendants:

As a result, the young people who attend are extremely impacted. There are no such events as this one for young adults.  Weeks after the event, we receive feedback from various attendees expressing thanks and seeking spiritual counseling.

The Facility – VivaRio Hotel:

The Viva Rio Hotel is a facility mostly used by sports teams for training camps. There are several soccer fields, a large swimming pool, basketball court and gym. There are small cabin dormitories which hold approximately 5-7 people. The meeting area is large and open as seen in the pictures provided. Maximum capacity for occupants is 150. Viva Rio is a nonprofit organization.


To help change a generation by targeting the core issues that plague nearly all cultures and every person. These include and are not limited to: rampant heresy and prosperity gospel, pagan spirituality, immorality and the lack of understanding of who God is.


Bring the young people together for a 3-day youth conference where they will be distanced into a safe environment from the chaos and distractions of everyday life. With qualified, trained men, we present the Gospel clearly, along with intensive biblical studies and workshops. During this time of learning, and worship, there is a constant call and reminder to repentance and self examination.

Bible Campaign:

That year, as a gift to each person, we gave out a brand new bible. 80 bibles were distributed at registration. The Bible campaign was a last minute idea of one our directors and fundraising began two weeks prior to the event. Upraise was blessed by Valley Christian Church in Moreno Valley, CA who donated half of the bibles. Several young people had bibles, but many did not. One bible costs $6 or more, which is very expensive for the average Haitian.

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